Tensing Retrial Day Seven

Live tweeting of the seventh day of testimony in the Ray Tensing retrial for the shooting death of Sam DuBose during a 2015 traffic stop.

  1. Court is back in session. James Scanlon, use of force expert up now. Ray Tensing expected to follow. #TensingRetrial
  2. Scanlon testified in first trial too. He reached out to the defense. #TensingRetrial
  3. Scanlon is reviewing multiple ways for officers to handle situations. #TensingRetrial
  4. Scanlon says only testified in favor of police officers, has only testified 5 times. Only take cases he feels strong about #TensingRetrial
  5. Scanlon: Thought it odd the officer was indicted and fired so quickly. Talking about why he reached out to defense. #TensingRetrial
  6. Scanlon: watched the video, saw nothing that was unjustified, wanted to know more, contacted Def Atty Mathews. #TensingRetrial
  7. James Scanlon walking court thru his analysis of the body cam video. #TensingRetrial https://t.co/IlGFwCKZ8Z
    James Scanlon walking court thru his analysis of the body cam video. #TensingRetrial pic.twitter.com/IlGFwCKZ8Z
  8. Scanlon: So many flags going up a reasonable officer is going to want to get more details and detain DuBose. #TensingRetrial
  9. Scanlon: DuBose closing the door is an act of resistance. #TensingRetrial
  10. Scanlon: we don't encourage officers to reach into a car but there's no prohibition/policy on that. #TensingRetrial
  11. Scanlon says DuBose pins Tensing's arm against steering wheel in an act of agression. #TensingRetrial
  12. Scanlon repeatedly saying Tensing is pinned to the steering wheel and falling backward. #TensingRetrial
  13. Scanlon says at this point he personally would be in fear for my life. #TensingRetrial
  14. Scanlon: this is a violent situation. One a lot of officers don't survive. Prosecution: Objection Judge: sustained. #TensingRetrial
  15. Scanlon continues to maintain, based on what he's seeing in the body camera video, that Tensing was dragged. @WCPO #TensingTrial
  16. Scanlon: A reasonable response would be to end that threat and the gun on my duty belt would be the way to do that. #TensingRetrial
  17. Pros objects to Scanlon demonstrating what he thinks Tensing doing, which Judge told him not to do. Judge tells Tieger not 2 b rude.
  18. She does tell Scanlon, again, not to demonstrate though.#TensingRetrial
  19. Scanlon: Tensing shows good trigger control. Finger not on trigger as gun hand comes into view. #TensingRetrial
  20. Scanlon: In my opinion Tensing grabs at seat belt to avoid falling under rear tire. #TensingRetrial
  21. Scanlon: My opinion is shooting was reasonable, justified, and in accordance with police procedures. #TensingRetrial
  22. Scanlon: I believe Tensing was being dragged when he fired his weapon. #TensingRetrial
  23. Tieger going after Scanlon bc S thinks Tensing was dragged even tho Mathews said in opening Tensing might not've been draged #TensingRetrial
  24. Tieger is reading Scanlon's testimony from first trial, suggesting his testimony was 'wrong'. #TensingRetrial
  25. Scanlon: I hate dirty cops. I've arrested dirty cops. I may be biased toward the profession, but not bad cops. #TensingRetrial
  26. Scanlon admits he's not a forensic video expert but calls Grant Fredericks' science is flawed. #TensingRetrial
  27. Scanlon says Fredericks premise is false, say F is based on a flat surface. Agrees F's science is sound. #TensingRetrial
  28. Tieger is going after Scanlon on cross, "why looking @ def?" Judge calling a sidebar likely telling Tieger to knock it off. #TensingREtrial
  29. Scanlon: I believe Tensing pulled his weapon bc he intended to shoot DuBose. #TensingRetrial
  30. Prosecution pulling up the Fredericks body cam video frame by frame images. #TensingRetrial
  31. Scanlon says there's no way to calculate how long it takes an officer to draw a weapon, other experts have said there is. #TensingRetrial
  32. Scanlon says image of the shot shows cocked wrist proving Tensing was reaching up to shoot. #TensingRetrial
  33. S: We'll never know how far Tensing's eyes r above camera bc my theory is he's fallin. Tieger: Glad we agree thats ur theory #tensingretrial
  34. Scanlon: Nothing in OPOTA manual is binding. Should and could mean different things in police language. #TensingRetrial
  35. Scanlon says it's absurd to say never reach into a vehicle. He's done it and if he hadn't people would've died. #TensingRetrial
  36. Scanlon: Maybe I'm old school but I think training is guidelines. #TensingRetrial
  37. Tieger saying Scanlon left out of his report any info that benefits DuBose like D's offer to have Tensing run his name. #TensingRetrial
  38. Scanlon: It wouldn't have been proper for Tensing to ask DuBose his name when DuBose offered to give Tensing his name. #TensingRetrial
  39. Tieger punching holes in Scanlon's written report. Seems effective but going long, have to wonder if jury getting annoyed #TensingRetrial
  40. Tieger says Scanlon left out of his report elements that are not favorable to Tensing. #TensingRetrial #WLWT
  41. Tieger is finally finished with Scanlon. No redirect from defense #TensingRetrial. Taking a half hour break, expect Tensing after
  42. #RayTensing talking about his background, education, decided he wanted to be a cop while a teen #Tensingretrial @FOX19
  43. Tensing: I always wanted to serve and make a difference and police work is one of best ways to do that. #TensingRetrial
  44. Tensing: Worked at Greenhills, then went to OSHP briefly before going to UC. #TensingRetrial
  45. Tensing: Had an epiphany he didn't want to be a state trooper, because he wanted to remain local to Cincinnati. @WCPO #TensingTrial
  46. Tensing started as a patrol officer at UC in 2014. A bunch of officers hired then too to address high crime around campus #TensingRetrial
  47. Tensing: I took my mom out to lunch before my shift on July 19, 2015. Went into work early to change into uniform. #TensingRetrial
  48. Tensing: We had more off-campus patrol beats than on-campus at that time. Chief wanted us to be highly visible. #TensingRetrial
  49. Tensing: No traffic ticket quota, but Chief wanted us to be proactive and make stops. #TensingRetrial
  50. Jury will watch body cam video of Tensing's prior July 19 traffic stops. These are long. I won't do much tweeting during #TensingRetrial
  51. The videos show Tensing as a courteous and professional officer who had no problems w compliant drivers. #TensingRetrial
  52. Tensing talking jury through one of the prior stops. This man had 5 warrants but stop went smoothly, He lets man go at end. #TensingRetrial https://t.co/JpGT6jYNOe
    Tensing talking jury through one of the prior stops. This man had 5 warrants but stop went smoothly, He lets man go at end. #TensingRetrial pic.twitter.com/JpGT6jYNOe
  53. Moving to 3rd traffic stop. This was a stop for no front plate & license suspended. Same as w/stop of #SamDuBose #TensingRetrial #WLWT
  54. Done with the prior stop videos, moving toward the #SamDuBose incident. #TensingRetrial
  55. Tensing: saw (DuBose's) car w no front plate, driver wearing red/white shirt and hat. Car registered to suspended license #TensingRetrial
  56. Tensing called "slow to stop" & continued to follow for 2 more blocks. Flicked siren to make sure driver saw him. #TensingRetrial #WLWT
  57. Tensing: asked for driver's license, #SamDuBose asked why, then DuBose reached for plate in glove box. #TensingRetrial
  58. Tensing: I wasn't concerned with front plate anymore, wanted to ID the driver. He was acting evasive and stalling. #TensingRetrial
  59. Tensing: saw gin bottle, thought possibly a DUI sitch. When learned air freshener wondered why have that, thot drugs maybe #TensingRetrial
  60. Tensing keeps saying the way DuBose was acting made him think "Something else is going on here." #TensingRetrial
  61. Tensing: intention was to open door, get car keys, secure DuBose in handcuffs like in prior stop. #TensingRetrial
  62. Tensing appears to be getting emotional as describing how he reached into car to grab car keys. #TensingRetrial
  63. Tensing says DuBose mashed accelerator, thought my arm trapped in steering wheel. #TensingRetrial https://t.co/IpmYe3ZXnW
    Tensing says DuBose mashed accelerator, thought my arm trapped in steering wheel. #TensingRetrial pic.twitter.com/IpmYe3ZXnW
  64. Tensing: I thought my arm was stuck through the wheel, now I know DuBose pinned arm to wheel. Lost my balance #TensingRetrial
  65. Tensing: I could feel his car coming into me as I'm falling backwards. I yelled, "stop, stop." I wanted him to stop the car. #TensingRetrial
  66. Tensing: My perception at that time was that the car was moving. #TensingRetrial
  67. Tensing: My police training kicked in as, however you want to describe it: dragged, falling backwards, so reached for gun. #TensingRetrial
  68. Tensing: I reached up as far as I could and fired a shot as I was falling. #TensingRetrial
  69. Tensing: I tried to grab something so I wouldn't get sucked under his car as moving up the street. #TensingRetrial
  70. Tensing; I didn't see other UCPD officers until after shooting, didn't know they were coming, hadn't asked them to. #TensingRetrial
  71. Mathews: Were you dragged? Tensing: Yes, I was. M: what's your definition? T: being moved involuntarily against your will #TensingRetrial
  72. Tensing says he estimates #SamDuBose car was moving 15+ mph while he was dragged down street. #TensingRetrial #WLWT
  73. Tensing: I was in shock, adreneline was going, as it wore off felt like pulled a tendon in left arm, knee & back hurt too. #TensingRetrial
  74. Tensing is describing his injuries. Agrees they aren't serious injuries but did happen during the encounter. #TensingRetrial
  75. Tensing says he was in shock after the shooting. Says he didn't know what he'd said until he saw it later on vid. #TensingRetrial #WLWT
  76. Mathews: Are you telling the truth today? Tensing: I'm telling what I experienced. #TensingRetrial
  77. Was it your purpose to kill #SamDuBose that day? Tensing: No. (long, teary pause) I was to stop the threat. #TensingRetrial
  78. Tieger on cross now. I expect it to get tense. #TensingRetrial (and before this tweet is finished being typed, it is. )
  79. Tensing: There's a lot of terms for what happened, being dragged is one. I said dragged. Mathews said in opening "dragged" maybe not right
  80. Tieger: How did you protect and serve #SamDubose that evening? Tensing: I protected my life. #TensingRetrial
  81. Tieger: you only stopped Afr-Amers that day. Says Tensing led dept in stops. Def objects, Judge is mad now, calls attys up. #TensingRetrial
  82. Judge tells the jury to disregard the questions about race related arrest record. #TensingRetrial
  83. Tieger: Let's talk about the weapon. Tensing: My UC weapon? Tieger: Yes, I'll call it the murder weapon. (No objection from defense)
  84. Tieger asking why one keeps a round in the chamber. It's to be ready so don't have to pull slide. #TensingRetrial
  85. Tieger: Are you a good shot? Tensing: A decent shot. Now talking about practicing drawing weapon. #TensingRetrial
  86. Tieger asks Tensing if he did any of steps required to pull his gun. He says no, had to do them all when decided to shoot. #TensingRetrial
  87. Tieger: Would you agree that you killed Samuel DuBose? Tensing: Yes, but I did it to stop the threat. #TensingRetrial
  88. Tensing: It was not my intent to kill him, it was to stop the threat. #TensingRetrial
  89. Tensing: I didn't ask his name because of way DuBose was asking, I wanted to detain him first. #TensingRetrial
  90. Tieger: You never once waited for back up, did you? If you had a fear of the area, why didn't you wait for back up? #TensingRetrial
  91. Tensing; You don't just call for backup right away. Tieger: but you said you were in a bad area, he was slow to stop... #Tensingretrial
  92. Tensing: there's a lot of chatter on the police radios, can't always tell what's being said. Tieger: Sure. #TensingRetrial
  93. Tensing: It was implied I was going to detain DuBose. (He told homicide detectives "I advised him") Tieger; Was this a lie? #tensingretrial
  94. Tieger asking if Tensing knew he'd be charged, what happens with officer involved shootings. #TensingRetrial
  95. Tensing thought about this every moment for the last two years. He's replayed the incident millions of times. #tensingretrial
  96. Tensing: No disrespect to Fredericks but he wasn't there experiencing what I was going through. #TensingRetrial
  97. Tensing: Fredericks wasn't in my head, seeing what I was seeing, I could feel car moving into me & accelerating #tensingRetrial
  98. Tieger asking about time Tensing fired at a dog in Greenhills (he missed). #TensingRetrial
  99. Tieger: would you say it's hard to hit a moving target? Tensing: rather than a stopped one, yes. #tensingretrial
  100. Tieger making point that DuBose was not moving so he was easier to kill than the dog. Tensing: nothing about this is easy. #TensingRetrial
  101. Tensing has been fighting back tears during cross-exam, finally reaches for a tissue to dab his eyes. #TensingRetrial
  102. Tieger: how do you knock the key out? Tensing: by knock key out of ignition, I meant turn the key off and take it out. #TensingRetrial
  103. Teiger: Did you forget your training atm? Tensing: My training said if reach into a car, do with non-gun hand. #TensingRetrial
  104. Tieger: Do you remember Chief Hughes telling you never to reach into a car? #TensingRetrial
  105. Tensing: If you're getting at that it's not advisable, I agree with that but I was reacting to DuBose's actions #TensingRetrial
  106. Tieger suggesting Tensing was more careful when turning off DuBose's car. Knew he'd been shot in head but not dead. #TensingRetrial
  107. Tieger: If you didn't know he was dead, why didn't you ask how Mr. DuBose was or check on him? Tensing: I was in shock. #TensingRetrial
  108. Tieger: Did u ever check on DuBose, check for life? Tensing: No sir. Tieger: You knew he was dead at the scene. Ten: no sir #TensingRetrial
  109. Tensing does not agree that he made a serious tactical error. I reacted to DuBose's actions, it was instinctual. #TensingRetrial
  110. Tensing: I made a split second decisions and the experts can analyze it, but they weren't in my mind #TensingRetrial
  111. Tieger: You purposely pointed at DuBose's head.. Tensing: It was all I could see. #TensingRetrial
  112. Tieger: After all those purposeful actions you want jury to think you didn't kill him? Tensing: I shot to stop the threat. #TensingRetrial
  113. Prosecution is done, no re-direct, defense rests. Monday will be closing arguments and jury will begin deliberating. #TensingRetrial
  114. Judge thinks jury deliberations will begin around noon. Tells to bring overnight bag for at least two days. #TensingRetrial
  115. Judge says if sequestration is required, alternate jurors will also be sequestered. #TensingRetrial
  116. @redsfn77 Hard to condense quick moving questioning into 140 characters.